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Pinehurst NC Dentistry Technology

Dr. Ridge offers state-of-the-art technology to increase your comfort and the quality of their care for both family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the highlights.

3D Panoramic X-Rays

  • We use GALILEOS-E 32D Dental Cone Beam equipment
  • The lowest radiation dosage
  • Superior image quality with more detail
  • 3-D image makes it easy to interpret image


  • One-visit restorations. Not two visits and a month with a temporary crown
  • Inlays and crowns made on location with more accuracy
  • Less healthy tooth removal results in a bonded restoration giving more strength


  • Early cavity detection means more conservative restoration
  • Less subjective diagnosing, no guess work

Wand Anesthesia

  • Gentle
  • It is delivered more slowly, so patients are more comfortable
  • It is less intimidating that a traditional syringe

Digital X-Rays

  • They offer more detail
  • They are better to diagnose with
  • They emit less radiation
  • Easily emailed to other offices
  • No delays or waiting for developing; they are instant x-rays
  • They have an enhanced x-ray picture for better diagnosing

Intraoral Cameras

  • Full screen view of areas of concern
  • It is a teaching tool
  • Offers good documentation for insurance

Digital Impressions

  • More accuracy than conventional impression
  • More comfortable
  • No messy impression material
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