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TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

TMJ-temporomandibular-joint-disorderTMJD, or tempomandibular joint disorder, is actually an umbrella term used to describe pain in the tempomandibular joint and jaw muscles and the condition causes chronic discomfort for nearly 15% of adult Americans each day. The disorder is most often caused by an inflammation of the TMJ, the joint connecting the jawbone to the skull which provides the movement that makes eating, speaking and swallowing possible.

This inflammation is often due to overstressed and rigid jaw muscles, injury, or poorly fitting dentures or other appliances. At other times, TMJ is aggravated by jawbones that do not fit together properly, resulting in a “bite” problem that often makes talking and chewing extremely difficult. Those suffering from the effects of TMJ can develop problems such as mild to severe jaw pain and a popping or clicking sound when opening or closing their mouths. If you experience these or other symptoms, you may have TMJ.

Fortunately, modern dentistry has developed many painless and simple solutions for people who suffer from TMJ and other painful disorders. Visiting a dentist who specializes in TMJ treatment can alleviate uncomfortable joint and bite problems so that you can get the relief that you deserve. Contact Dr. Ridge now to explore your options for combating the discomfort of TMJ.

Tekscan allows us to improve your bite if you are experiencing headaches, stiffness in the jaw, or sensitive teeth.

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